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  • Is it possible to change the keys without changing the lock?
  • Can you program this smart key?
  • Are there keypads that you can control from your phone?

We come across many questions and problems, and are here to help answer them all!

Can you add a deadbolt to a door that doesn’t have one?

Yes!  Fresh installations allow for extra locks or hardware to be added to any existing door.

Should I change my locks when I move into a new home?

From a security standpoint, having the old keys to the home not work is a smart thing to do; however, changing out existing hardware isn’t always required as it’s a more expensive option.

A more cost-effective option is to rekey the existing lock(s), if you are ok with the aesthetics of the current lock(s).  The locksmith changes part of the interior cylinder of the lock so that old keys will no longer work, and provides the new home owner with 2 new keys.

Do you make car keys?

Yes! Our technicians can copy, program, and produce & cut keys for lost-key situations.

How can I pay for your service?

We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit, e-transfers & bitcoin.

Lockmish Locksmith Services
Lockmish Locksmith Services
If I'm locked out of my house, will my lock get damaged from you breaking in?

So, 95% of the time, locks do not get damaged or need to be broken when “breaking in”/ opening. However, 5% of the time, depending on the use of the lock, age, etc, a lock may need to be drilled to get into the house.  In those situations, we can provide & install a new lock upon the customer’s request.

Should I put high security locks on my home or business?

Any measure taken to upgrade one’s security is a safe decision.  If you have a concern about your home or business’ safety/secureness, installing high security locks, which are more difficult to pick or break into, can appease worries of break-ins.

I have 4 doors in my house and 2 use one key, the other 2 use a different key. Is it possible to have all the locks work with the same key?

Yes! If the locks operate on the same keyway, the locksmith can rekey 2 of the locks to match the other key.  If, however, one or more of the locks operate on a different keyway, the locksmith can change the hardware for those locks and rekey the new lock accordingly to match the other key.

Are keypad style locks more secure than a regular deadbolt?

Although convenient, the touch keypad locks you can get at big box stores are not more secure than a standard, key-operated lock. A digital keypad lock is nothing more than a standard key operated lock with an added feature of convenience in the form of a touch pad, but it does allow for some more options for the consumer vs a standard lock such as automatic locking, one-time use codes, multiple codes (for house cleaners, babysitters, homecare workers, etc), to name a few.  One detail to look out for when purchasing a keypad lock is the maximum cold temperature it can handle, as Winnipeg hits -30 to -40 sometimes and many models of keypads can only handle up to -20/-25 and then the electronics do not work. This results in sometimes getting locked out in that freezing temperature if the specific keypad does not have a back up key option or if you don’t have that key with you.

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  • Avatar Ken Makodanski ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Michael was very professional and knowledgeable in make two duplicate keys: one for my 2010 Honda Civic and the second one for
    my 2010 3500 Ram Truck! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a second key or fob duplicated! Very personable and smart. Great prices! Very satisfied!
  • Avatar Recharge Sports Therapy ★★★★★ in the last week
    Absolutely amazing experience. I needed my commercial locks changed, called these guys and they were at my business in literally 5mins, changed all the locks, and out the door in 15 minutes. Great work!
  • Avatar Ediy Hu ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Lockmish and their staff are good customers and use high quality products! We’ve had the opportunity to work together on several transactions and they are responsible in all administrative matters and knowledgeable in locksmith products & services. We look forward to continue business together!
  • Avatar Colleen Flather ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Lockmish contacts, both booking and service, were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The service was professional and the store front was extremely clean.
  • Avatar Pearce Cacalda ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Arrived within 45 mins — fast, friendly, efficient. Didn't try to upsell. Provided other helpful advice for maintaining my front door and lock. Thanks for your help!

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Lockmish Locksmith Services
Lockmish Locksmith Services


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Lockmish Locksmith Services
Lockmish Locksmith Services


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Lockmish Locksmith Services
Lockmish Locksmith Services


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